The Cantora

“Most Likely The Best Young
Adult Novel Published This Year

“Not only does one learn history and culture, but is immensely entertained along the way.

This fine historical fiction novel carries readers into the early 1500’s with a compelling story, interesting characters, and a variety of locations. It starts in a costal town in colonial Brazil surrounded by jungle and Indian tribes, some friendly, some not. The two main characters are at first devoted to their Catholic faith, but are soon hounded by the Inquisition for conceived heresies and must escape into the jungle where they face many dangers.

Not to give too much away, but the reader experiences life with the native tribes of Brazil, life on a sugar plantation, voyages north to the Caribbean, later across the Atlantic to Africa and eventually to Europe. Every setting is different, food, dress, social conduct, religion, culture, and of course the people. And all of this is intermingled with the history of the time. So not only does one learn history and culture, but is immensely entertained along the way.

The Cantora gives readers a rewarding journey back in time to exotic places, people, and beliefs. I enthusiastically recommend this novel to readers of all ages.”

—Thomas F. Rau, Ph.D. - Amazon & Goodreads

The Cantora is both an Adult and Young Adult novel, 13 years-of-age and older. If you know a middle school and/or high school that would benefit from having the novel on their library shelf, please copy the letter below and send it via a student, etc. to the school librarian. Please note that São Tomé is an adult novel, suitable for 18-years and older.

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We have also made available graphics from the novel, available for download to use as device wallpapers, for t-shirts or mugs, or other applications. View our Downloads page for more information.